Board Members

Board Position



President Kathleen Mountford
Vice-President vacant
Secretary Darlene Reid
Treasurer Monte Weber
Membership Director Sam Saini
Program Director vacant
Fundraising vacant
Communications Director Heather Maitner
Community Advocate Sue Trigg

Other Contacts




Volunteer Coordinator vacant
Program Aide vacant
Community Garden Amanda Hunt garden
Neighbourhood Watch Kathleen Mountford
Editor Karin Shott
Director at Large - South Terwillegar Ryan Barber
Director at Large - Mactaggart vacant
Director at Large - Magrath vacant
Director at Large - Terwillegar Towne Monte Weber
Director at Large - Terwillegar Gardens Sue Trigg
Webmaster Alison Cairns

Mailing Address

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 36508, RPO MacTaggart
Edmonton, AB
T6R 0T4

Want to Help?

We could always use more volunteers to help with our special events, and the board. Please contact if you're interested in any of the following positions.

Fundraising Aide

This individual helps the Fundraising Director organize our existing fundraising events and projects, and is welcome to creatively present new opportunities to raise community funds needed for our many community-building projects including parks and our community league hall.

Program Aide

This individual and the Programs Director will work as a team to provide the various social activities we have in the Terwillegar Community. The Program Aide will also attend monthly meetings, giving him or her the opportunity to meet neighbours, have a say in neighbourhood projects, and to have a night out with a great group!

Community Advocate

We're looking for a Community Advocate to represent the views of Terwillegar-Towne at TRAC (Terwillegar Riverbend Area Council) meetings. This individual will also attend monthly Terwillegar Community League meetings to provide TRAC updates. Please note that as we have more than one neighbourhood, we will have more than one community advocate attending TRAC meetings, and our advocates have the benefit of taking a team approach. This position will provide the opportunity to meet neighbours across Southwest Edmonton, have a say in both TRAC and TCL projects, and to have a few nights out with some great people!